What To Expect

As part of your customized holistic health program, here’s what you can expect:

  • Scheduled personalized coaching sessions at our SmartForks office or by phone
  • Goal setting assistance and consistent follow-up to help you achieve your goals
  • Nutrition education and counseling
  • Pantry and refrigerator revamp
  • Grocery shopping visit at your chosen health food store
  • Ongoing education – you’ll learn how to:
    • Read a food label
    • Make smarter choices at home, work, in restaurants and on the go
    • Shop for healthy food and cook simple meals at home
    • Buy and prepare simple meals at home
    • Help you integrate healthier food into your diet
    • Make your favorite meals healthier
    • Deal with “picky eaters”
    • Address and minimize cravings
    • Create lasting balance
    • Improve communication and personal relationships
    • Create awareness in every area of your life

As you start to feel better, the new healthy habits will begin to crowd out the less healthful ones. You will naturally begin to crave healthier foods and activities that make you feel good. As challenges and stumbling blocks appear, we will together find solutions. You will re-prioritize your life and start to notice your life improving in all areas.


Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sat: 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

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My Philosophy

IINPlateI offer a unique, holistic (whole body) approach to living your best life. It’s not about deprivation, denial or willpower. It’s about fueling your body with what it needs to work optimally and feeling satisfied in the process. I believe that when we eat healthier foods and live a healthier life, it not only impacts us on the deepest level but also creates a ripple effect positively impacting those around us as well.

I don’t believe there’s one perfect diet for everyone. What’s beneficial for one person may be detrimental for another. Circumstances also change, so what works for one person at one point in their life, may very well change in months or years to come. We are all different and our lifestyles and health histories change over time. I believe in working with my clients on a personal level taking into account their health history, health goals, lifestyle, personal taste and preferences. After we establish goals and develop a plan of action, I help them take the necessary action to get them where they want to go — toward optimal health living a happier, more fulfilling life.

Holistic Approach – It’s not just about food

What we eat is only one component of our overall health and wellness. You can eat super healthy, but if you are feeling stressed about work, sleep deprived, not exercising or drinking enough water, struggling in an unhealthy relationship, not giving yourself enough “me” time to connect with yourself and make that spiritual connection, then you won’t be truly healthy. We have to balance each area of our life that nourishes us on the deepest level.

The Integrative Nutrition Food Pyramid focuses on the importance of eating high quality vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats and water as shown in the middle of the diagram. But how we eat is surrounded by lifestyle factors that create optimal health: Relationships, Career, Physical Activity and Spirituality.

Lifelong Journey

Making positive lifestyle changes is a process – it doesn’t happen all at once. The idea is to start with a reasonable number of goals the first week, and then continue to add positive changes to your life as each one becomes a part of your daily practice. Experiencing health and wellness in all areas of your life is a lifelong journey, so we have to be patient. It’s not about eating perfectly or living a completely toxic-free life – that would be virtually impossible to do. It’s more about finding what works for you at this point in your life, and realizing that what works today may not be what works a few months or a few years from now. Throughout our lives, what we choose to give focus and priority will ebb and flow. Sometimes we’ll be more focused on what we eat and exercise, while other times circumstances will cause us to focus on our relationships, career and spirituality. My goal is to bring all of these health factors to your attention so that you are aware and mindful of their importance to your overall health and wellbeing.