“When health and wellness become part of your company culture, it makes a significant difference you can see and feel every time you walk in the door.”

Imagine walking around your office and seeing happier, healthier employees who want to be there working hard for you each and every day. Imagine your employees eating healthier, exercising more and supporting each other in the process. Imagine the great appreciation they feel for being valued by their employer and their connection to the company that is gained as a result.

That’s the vision I want to help you create. I want to help you educate and inspire your employees to make positive lifestyle changes that will help them significantly improve their health and wellbeing. I also want to inspire my corporate clients to make positive changes across their offices and lead by example.

“The companies that walk the walk and truly support a healthy lifestyle are the ones that end up making the biggest difference in their employees’ health.”


Nutrition & Wellness Talks

Work can be stressful. Life can be stressful. Trying to juggle them both can be overwhelming. Now more than ever, your employees need to understand the importance of prioritizing their health. The healthier and happier your employees are, the more productive they will be in every area of their life.

Candace’s health talks are filled with valuable information and health tips that can significantly improve overall health, energy and mental outlook. Candace works to inspire others to make healthier choices and shows them how to set up their lives so that the healthier choices are easier to make.

She can speak at your company, corporate event, as well as PTA and association meetings. See a list of sample topics below!

Corporate Wellness Talks

Healthy Eating & Lifestyle:

  • Are You Living Your Best Life? – Covers diet, exercise, sleep, stress management and emotional connection.
  • Paleo vs Vegan – How the new Pegan Diet takes the best of both to create the healthiest, most nutritionally balanced way for most people to eat.
  • 10-Day Detox: The causes and symptoms of toxicity and the benefits of a healthy cleanse
  • The Anti-Aging Detox: Eating for Health, Happiness & Beauty
  • Detox Your Fridge and Pantry & Restock with Healthy Alternatives
  • Healthy snacks and desserts – How-to demos, taste testings and recipes
  • Superfood Smoothies – How-to demos, taste testings and recipes
  • Seasonal healthy cooking classes and raw food demos (e.g. Fall & Winter: Healthy Soups, Glorious Greens, Healthy Dinner Ideas, Healthy Snacks & Desserts; Spring & Summer: Raw Food Creations, Detoxifying Foods, Superfood Salads, Superfood Smoothies)

Weight Loss:

  • Eat Right for Life – change the way you eat for life and lose weight in the process
  • Tips to help you stay on track during the holidays

Moms & Families:

  • How Best to Feed Your Baby During Pregnancy – ways to boost nutrition
  • Start Smart – Ways to feed your child healthy from the start
  • How to feed your picky eater
  • Hands-on cooking classes for kids: Healthy pizzas, desserts and snacks

Dangerous Habits:

  • Are You Addicted to Sugar? Discuss dangers and 10 steps to kick the habit
  • The Truth about Dairy, Flour & Gluten
  • Could It Be Adrenal Fatigue? – What to look out for and ways to beat it; discuss caffeine-related problems and coffee alternatives
  • The Real Deal on Sleep: Are You Getting Enough?

Healthy Habits:

  • Stress Management & Work/Life Integration
  • Are You Happy? Determine what areas of your life need attention to experience greater joy & life fulfillment.
  • The Curative Powers of Water
  • Mindful Eating – Slowing Down for Good Digestion
  • Sunlight – Why we need it and how much is enough
  • 10 Ways to Slow the Aging Process
  • Reducing Toxins in Your Life – Ingredients to avoid and alternative body care and home cleaning products
  • Corporate Wellness Consulting

    • Consult with company leadership to develop custom health talks and overall wellness initiatives.
    • Review and discuss existing wellness initiatives.
    • Review and advise senior leadership on all marketing materials relating to health and wellness to help solidify messaging and increase employee engagement.
    • Provide recommendations on how to improve existing food services (e.g. cafes, catering, vending machines, employees snacks).
  • Peer Wellness Sessions

    • Group of 10-12 employees committed to improving their overall health and wellbeing.
    • Same group of employees meet from 12 – 1 p.m. (2x/mo. for 6 mos. for total of 12 sessions)
    • Learn about nutrition and wellness in an interactive discussion group format.
    • Great for people who need the peer-based environment for support and accountability during the workday, which is where we spend most of our time and where most temptations arise.
    • Gives employees the opportunity to recognize specific habits detrimental to their health, decide which habits they want to change, learn positive alternative behaviors, and benefit from the peer support.
  • Lunch ‘n Learns

    • Informal gathering typically held onsite during employee lunch break.
    • Each weekly or monthly session focuses on a health topic relevant to audience.
    • Handouts typically provided.
    • Can be given as a talk followed by Q&A session or be interactive with Q&A throughout.
  • Live Health Talks

    • Educational and motivational wellness lecture presentation given to a larger audience.
    • PowerPoint or Keynote visual presentation provided followed by Q&A.
    • Can be simulcast live across all offices nationwide.
    • Can be recorded and housed on corporate intranet for all employees to view when convenient.

Sample topics for a three-part educational and motivational wellness series:

Discuss how to feed your body to slow aging process, boost immunity, prevent disease and feel your best; importance of protein, plant-based protein sources, greens, superfoods, healthy fats and oils, glycemic index, acid/alkaline balance, and the dangers of sugar and wheat.

Discuss ways to reduce and manage stress and make productivity soar. Share five simple things everyone can do to experience greater happiness. Studies show happy people are more productive and superior creative thinkers and problem solvers.

Discuss 12 areas of our life that need attention in order to be healthy, happy and fulfilled. Everyone will do an exercise to give them a clear visual of where they need to put their focus to create more balance and life fulfillment.


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