We all want our kids to eat healthier, but it can be very challenging. Our children have eaten so much junk that sometimes it’s hard to get their tastebuds to like much else.

“The good news is our taste buds rejuvenate every 10-14 days, so we can retrain them to like and crave healthier foods.”

As parents, we know we have to feed our families better. If WE don’t, who will? But how? Well, that’s where I come in. I help families set up their lives so that healthy eating is the only choice and eventually becomes second nature. It starts in your kitchen. Together, we will revamp your refrigerator and detox your pantry.

As we throw out the unhealthy foods, I educate you on what makes these foods unhealthy and we make a grocery list of healthier options. Then we’ll head to your nearest health food store and get your kitchen stocked with foods and staples you can feel good about eating and feeding your family.

“Avoid the temptation. If unhealthy foods are around, someone will eventually eat them.”

From that point, I can be there to help you along your journey in whatever capacity works best for you. Some clients just need me to help them get started and then prefer checking in periodically to ask questions by email or by phone. Others who need more guidance and support may prefer to schedule weekly, bi-weekly or monthly counseling sessions. No matter what your needs are in the beginning, my goal is to train YOU to be your own health ambassador by giving you the knowledge and resources you will need to lead your family on its own health journey.


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