Healthy Snacks at Home and On the Go!

My Favorite Raw Trail Mix
Organic mix of raw walnuts, raw almonds, raw pumpkin seeds, Goji berries, raw cashews, raw Brazil nuts, dried cranberries sweetened only with apple juice concentrate, cacao nibs (optional).

My Favorite Raw Bars
Organic Food Bar, Active Greens (Central Market, Lovers)
Raw Revolution, Cashew Spirulina (Whole Foods)
Thunderbird, Cacao Hemp Mint (Whole Foods)
Other brands: Pure, Kind – choose ones low in sugar & high in protein

My Favorite Crackers
Millet & Flax – GEM, (Juice Bar on Inwood just south of Lovers)
Lundberg Brown Rice Chips, Sea Salt (Whole Foods)

My Favorite Chip Alternative
Kale chips – I prefer “plain” for less seasoning

My Favorite Snacks at Home

  • Any fruit paired with a healthy plant-based protein & healthy fat
    • Apple with raw almond butter or raw nuts
    • Banana with raw nut butter or raw nuts
  • Trail Mix of raw nuts, seeds and unsweetened organic dried berries
  • Hummus with raw veggies like carrot, celery, red pepper and broccoli
  • Hummus with Millet and Flax Chips from Gem
  • Guacamole with Lundberg Sea Salt Brown Rice Chips
  • Ani’s Sesame Seaweed sheets
  • Warm, toasted Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel bread with almond butter or coconut oil – top with sliced banana! Yum!
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