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Program Types

Foundation Health

As part of the foundational program, we set goals, determine what works best for you personally and then develop a practical customized plan that fits into your lifestyle.

Family Health

This program covers the basics while putting more focus on healthy family meals, recipes, menu planning, healthy snacks at home and on the go, while addressing picky eaters and various health needs within the family unit.


pregnacy-wellnessThe program focuses on the crucial role nutrition plays during fetal development. What YOU eat while you are pregnant determines how your baby will grow and develop and how quickly your body “bounces back” after pregnancy. If a woman hasn’t already, this is the best time for her to begin making healthier lifestyle choices that will not only affect her health, but most importantly the health of her baby.

Disease Prevention & Healing

Nutrition and lifestyle are the two largest determining factors in preventing illness, disease and premature death. This program focuses on overall disease prevention and/or healing from a specific disease.

Senior Health

This program focuses on improving the health of our aging parents when they have:

  • little to no desire to cook
  • decreased appetite
  • increased desire for sugary junk foods
  • little to no activity
  • little interaction with others


Individual Health Coaching

As part of your customized holistic health program, here’s what you can expect:

  • Scheduled personalized coaching sessions at our SmartForks office or by phone
  • Goal setting assistance and consistent follow-up to help you achieve your goals
  • Nutrition education and counseling
  • Pantry and refrigerator revamp
  • Grocery shopping visit at your chosen health food store
  • Ongoing education – you’ll learn how to:
    • Read a food label
    • Make smarter choices at home, work, in restaurants and on the go
    • Shop for healthy food and cook simple meals at home
    • Buy and prepare simple meals at home
    • Help you integrate healthier food into your diet
    • Make your favorite meals healthier
    • Deal with “picky eaters”
    • Address and minimize cravings
    • Create lasting balance
    • Improve communication and personal relationships
    • Create awareness in every area of your life

As you start to feel better, the new healthy habits will begin to crowd out the less healthful ones. You will naturally begin to crave healthier foods and activities that make you feel good. As challenges and stumbling blocks appear, we will together find solutions. You will re-prioritize your life and start to notice your life improving in all areas.

Share Wellness groups are perfect for women and moms looking to improve their health and the health of their families, but find it hard to go it alone. Having the support of your friends naturally creates more accountability, keeps you motivated and helps you reach your goals.

Different topics are covered at each meeting, and participants share their successes and challenges in an interactive discussion group format. A typical group has six to 12 members and meets during the day twice a month for six months. These sessions give women the opportunity to share and recognize specific habits detrimental to their health, decide which habits they want to change, learn positive alternative behaviors, and benefit from the support of their friends. Everyone is asked to sign a confidentiality agreement at the start of the group session term.

Please contact me if you are interested in forming a Share Wellness group. It’s a great way to spend time with your friends and get healthier together.

Share Wellness

Cutting Board And Vegetables

Healthy Cooking Basics & Raw Food Demos

Are you wanting to prepare healthier food, but just don’t know where to start? Candace can come to your house and give you the basics to feeding yourself and your family healthy foods, and get you on the right path. She can focus on whatever foods/meals you choose.

Candace will also do healthy cooking and raw food demos for groups of up to 10 people.

Pantry / Fridge Detox

Ok, you’re read to start living your healthier life. Congratulations! First step: throw out the junk. You must take a good hard look at all the chemical-filled junk residing in your refrigerator and pantry. It’s not always easy to say goodbye to your favorite cookies, crackers and condiments, but it is empowering when you do (plus I’ll be there to help!)

During the process, you will learn:

  • How to read a food label
  • What ingredients to avoid
  • How to see past advertising gimmicks food manufacturers use
  • How to compare food labels and make the healthiest choice
  • What healthier food replacements options to try


Healthy Cart

Health Food Store Tours

Do you feel a little overwhelmed in the health food store? Do you find yourself buying the same ole’ foods week after week? Let me give you a tour and show you how to be one of the most knowledgeable healthy shoppers in the store! During my health food store tour, you can ask me all of the questions you’ve wanted to ask, but have never had the chance. I will help you:

  • navigate each aisle with knowledge and confidence
  • find “new” healthy foods you may have never heard of
  • find the most nutrient-dense snack foods for you and your family
  • find healthier, all natural sweeteners
  • find healthier dairy alternatives
  • know the healthiest oils to use and for what purposes
  • find the healthiest grains
  • understand the importance of buying organic, free-range, and grass fed

With knowledge comes power. Take control of your health and your life by learning the most nutrient dense food available and where to find it. This two-hour health food store tour will give you the know-how you need to be a savvy, healthy shopper.