Lisa M.

I’ve worked with Candace off and on since 2016, and I must say her counsel and support have gone beyond my highest expectations. And because I’ve sought out others in her field, I know the difference. She first guided me through an elimination diet, which was not easy, but I was truly elated to realize that a change in diet could produce such radical results. By day 10, there was a dramatic shift in my symptoms – they were all remarkably improved. Candace’s personalized plan, thoughtful recommendations, and support along the way showed immense dedication to steer me towards success. Her compassionate and nurturing approach significantly impacted my journey to a healthier lifestyle. Candace is a trustworthy, extraordinary health coach and I’m fortunate to have her as a knowledgeable resource along my journey to optimal health.

Meghan H.

I had struggled with my weight and gut issues since adolescence. I tried various diets, but nothing ever stuck and I’d eventually gain back more weight. When I reached 197 pounds at age 29, I knew this wasn’t the version of me I wanted to be. I finally decided to reach out for help, because I wasn’t getting anywhere on my own. Thankfully, I found Candace. I told her my struggles, my constant cravings and how I knew nothing about nutrition. She broke it down, gave me a basic framework to follow and kept it simple. I made it through the first week, then the next, then the next, and after 30 days surprisingly discovered that my diet no longer felt like a diet. It had become my new way of life. And I actually found clean eating to be delicious. My gut issues were totally gone, I no longer felt deprived and I finally had control of my cravings. I ended up losing 47 pounds, and feel and look the best I have since my teenage years. If it wasn’t for Candace, I would still be incredibly overweight, lost and depressed. This woman is amazing! I can’t thank her enough for teaching me and showing me a healthier lifestyle!

Julie S.

I had suffered from constipation for over 30 years. In addition, I always felt bloated and had a hard time taking off the 5-10 pounds I wanted to lose. I would try to eat well (or what I thought was well) and nothing changed. After my first visit with Candace, she talked to me about the main foods that were causing me problems and suggested I start eliminating them. Within a week, I was already feeling better. I'm not saying it was easy, but it made an enormous difference in how I felt... and I was eliminating like a normal person! Together we have come up with an eating strategy that works for me. I feel immensely better overall and my digestion is much better also!

Cancer Survivor & Warrior
I learn something new every time....

I have been able to hear Candace on multiple occasions when she speaks at the Cancer Support Community in Dallas. Consequently, I have become a bit of a "groupie". I have always tried to lead a holistic life and eat well, but having grown up in a family with limited resources what I was taught was not healthy eating. I have found trying to educate myself has been an overwhelming, confusing journey fraught with conflicting information and advice. Candace breaks it into bite size lessons and encourages us to integrate one or two things at a time into our lifestyle. So much less overwhelming and sets you up for success rather than frustration and failure. By attending her presentations I feel I am making strides toward a more holistic lifestyle.

Trish Martineck

Candace empowers people by sharing knowledge that will de-stress their lives and rejuvenate their health. She believes all of us must strive to achieve a holistic balance of body, mind, spirit and emotions by focusing on five key inter-related areas: diet, exercise, spiritual/mindfulness, sleep and connection. She brings insight and enthusiasm to each of her talks, speaking to a full-house when at HKS. We will continue to invite her back to educate and inspire us to live our best lives.