November 24, 2013
Eating smarter and better!

Thank you for encouraging me to cook and prepare most of my meals at home. By not eating out and exercising consistently, I lost 20 pounds. Thank you for sharing so many easy, healthy recipes and introducing me to so many new foods. I'm at a healthy weight living a much healthier life and I feel really good about that.

Dallas, TX
April 20, 2013
Finding my balance

Over the last six months my whole outlook has changed. When I signed up with you I felt really stressed, dissatisfied and unfulfilled in my life and wasn't sure what to do about it. The way you had me really look at each aspect of my life and set goals in each area was exactly what I needed. It forced me to make myself and what I want for my life a priority, which as a mother, I found very difficult to do. Now, my life is much more in balance. Not every day is perfect, but overall life is good!

Dallas, TX
March 5, 2013
Thank you so much!

I can't tell you the difference you have made in my life. Instead of worrying about dieting and losing weight, I now focus on feeding my body with as much nutrition as possible. I've learned so much! Thank you!